ANT Tutorial [02] – Compile and Run JAVA using ANT

  • 00:10 What is an ANT script invoking a JAVA class tutorial?
  • 02:00 How to use ANT from the eclipse ide?
  • 03:00 What is the project tag in an ant script?
  • 03:15 What is the target tag in an ant script?
  • 04:00 How to specify which target is invoked when executing an ANT script?
  • 04:30 How to pre-invoke a target before invoking a different target in ant?
  • 04:45 How to compile java code from an ant script?
  • 06:20 How to fix the warning message includeantruntime when running ant?
  • 07:00 How to invoke java code from an ant script?
  • 08:40 How to run an ant script from the command prompt?

Thread Scheduling In JAVA – Threading Tutorial [03]

  • 00:00 What are thread priorities in JAVA?
  • 01:15 What is the priority of a newly created thread?
  • 01:30 What is the default thread priority of a newly created thread?
  • 01:55 What are the getPriority and setPriority java thread methods?
  • 02:15 What does the JAVA thread scheduler do?
  • 02:45 What is a simple thread scheduling demo / tutorial?
  • 04:15 What is Thread.MAX_PRIORITY?
  • 04:30 What is Thread.MIN_PRIORITY?
  • 06:55 What are different thread schedulers implementations?
  • 07:25 What type of thread scheduling does java use?
  • 07:35 What type of thread scheduling is used on Windows, Solaris, and Mac Machines?
  • 08:05 What is time sliced scheduling?
  • 08:35 What are advantages and disadvantages of time sliced scheduling?
  • 09:00 How long does a java thread executes in a time sliced scheduling system?
  • 09:55 What is preemptive scheduling?
  • 10:10 How many ways are there for a thread to leave the Running state?

derby db eclipse plugin – download, install, and test run tutorial

  • 00:00 What derby database plugin for eclipse files to download and where to download them from?
  • 02:25 How to enable derby database functionality in the eclipse IDE?
  • 04:20 How to enable the apache derby nature in eclipse?
  • 04:40 How to start the derby database network server?
  • 05:00 How to start the derby database ij tool?