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WebSocket JavaFX Sketch App. Tutorial (Tomcat 8 + Java 8)

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00:50 Is JavaFX included with the standard JDK 1.8 download bundle?
02:30 What is a WebSocket ServerEndpoint?
04:00 What is a WebSocket ClientEndpoint?
04:45 What is a WebSocket Encoder?
05:00 What is a WebSocket Decoder?
05:30 How to download and use JSON in a java application?
06:00 What is the JavaFX Application class?
06:30 When is a JavaFX start method invoked?
06:50 What is a JavaFX VBox?
07:20 What is a JavaFX HBox?
08:00 What is a JavaFX Stage, Scene?
09:00 How to handle JavaFX mouse events in Java 8?
11:00 What is a JavaFX ColorPicker?
12:00 How to handle JavaFX onAction events in Java 8?
12:20 What is a JavaFX GraphicsContext?
19:10 What is a WebSocket Session?
19:40 What is a WebSocket OnOpen annotation?
20:00 What is a WebSocket OnMessage annotation?
20:30 What is iterating over a Collection in Java 8?
22:00 What is encoding a WebSocket message into JSON string?
24:30 What is decoding JSON string into a WebSocket message?
31:00 How to connect to a WebSocket container from a ClientEndpoint?
33:00 What is running a WebSocket app. on tomcat 8?