Hill Climbing · JAVA · sqlite · traveling salesman problem

TSP + Hill Climbing + SQLite DB + JAVA

00:10 import into Eclipse the downloaded zip file for ‘TSP Hill Climbing w/ JAVA Project’
00:35 create a new project and copy code from imported project
01:05 add and setup the sqlite jdbc jar file to the project
01:46 create a new package that will contain all 3 drivers for DB, File, & Hardcoded data
02:16 code the ‘data from database’ DBDriver class
03:10 create and populate the sqlite database containing cities and their latitudes and longitudes
04:55 test run the ‘data from database’ DBDriver
05:56 create file containing cities and their latitudes and longitudes
06:27 code the ‘data from file’ FileDriver class
08:11 test run the ‘data from file’ FileDriver

Website + download source code @ http://zaneacademy.com or https://zaneacademyapp.appspot.com

Hill Climbing · JAVA · traveling salesman problem

Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) By Hill Climbing – JAVA 8 Tutorial

Website + download source code @ http://www.zaneacademy.com