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Secure Sockets – Java Sockets Tutorial 06

Secure Server and Client Sockets – Java Sockets Tutorial 06 | Website + download source code @

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Sockets w/ Object Serialization and Threads – JAVA Tutorial [05]

  • 00:20 What is an example of Sockets, threads, and object serialization?
  • 01:35 What is a quick explanation of a JAVA client/server socket w/ Threads application?
  • 03:05 What method executes when a Thread start method is invoked?
  • 03:25 When is the Serializable interface implemented?
  • 04:30 Where in a client/server application would the server code that communicates back and forth with the client be implemented?
  • 04:50 How does the client and server communicate in a client/server JAVA application?
  • 06:15 What is the run method in a Thread?
  • 06:40 How are the JAVA InputStream and OutputStream objects obtained?
  • 09:20 When is the ServerSocket accept method called in JAVA Client/Server application?
  • 12:20 How to instantiate a client Socket jn a JAVA client/server application?
  • 12:30 How to obtain an ObjectOutputStream, and ObjectInputStream objects?
  • 13:00 How to send an Object message in a JAVA Client/Server Application?
  • 14:00 How to receive an Object message in a JAVA Client?Server Application?
  • 15:00 How to read input from the command prompt in a JAVA application?
  • 16:00 How to parse a String in JAVA?
  • 19:30 How to continuously read input from the command prompt in a JAVA application?
  • 21:00 How to debug JAVA Socket code?
  • 26:00 Can a String be serialized?
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JAVA Sockets w/ Serializable objects

  • 00:30 What is a Socket w/ Object Serialization JAVA Example?
  • 01:20 When to implement the JAVA Serializable Interface?
  • 02:00 What is a port in a Client/Server application?
  • 03:00 How to use the JAVA ServerSocket class?
  • 03:40 When to use the accept method on ServerSocket class?
  • 04:30 what is ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream?
  • 05:10 How to read Serialized objects in JAVA Client/Server application?
  • 06:30 what write Serialized objects in JAVA Client/Server application?
  • 07:00 How does a JAVA client application use Socket?
  • 07:40 How does a Client and a Server exchange objects in a JAVA Application?
  • 13:00 How to obtain command prompt arguments in a JAVA application?
  • 14:00 How to validate command prompt arguments in a JAVA application?
  • 15:30 How to check if a String has an integer value?
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JAVA Sockets Tutorial [03]

  • 01:20 What is an example usage of BufferedReader, PrintWriter, Socket, and JAVA ServerSocket
  • 02:30 Can JAVA objects be serialized, sent, and received between Client and Server using BufferedReader and PrintWriter?
  • 05:00 How to read from the command prompt in JAVA?
  • 05:25 Why use the JAVA PrintWriter class?
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JAVA Sockets [02] – w/ Threading

  • 00:10 what is a multi-client JAVA Socket tutorial?
  • 02:40 Where would a Socket server listen for connections?
  • 03:20 What is the ServerSocket accept method?
  • 03:50 What is a JAVA Thread example?
  • 05:00 How to accept connections and messages from multiple clients in JAVA?
  • 09:00 What is the PrintWriter JAVA object?
  • 09:15 How to read command prompt input in JAVA?
  • 10:10 How a JAVA client can send multiple messages to a server?
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JAVA: Introduction to Sockets – Tutorial

  • 00:00 What is a simplified JAVA Client/Server application that uses sockets for commucication?
  • 04:00 What is a ServerSocket in JAVA?
  • 05:10 What does the accept method on the ServerSocket Class do?
  • 05:35 What is a client Socket in JAVA?
  • 06:12 How are incoming messages received using sockets in JAVA?
  • 07:05 How are outgoing messages sent using sockets in JAVA?