dwr ajax framework [2/2]

00:00 What files are needed in a dwr AJAX enabled web application?
02:25 What is a dwr.xml file?
03:00 How to enable a backend (JAVA) to frontend (Javascript) communication in the dwr AJAX framework?
05:40 What needs to be defined in the web.xml file relating to the dwr framework?
08:50 What are the engine.js and util.js dwr framework files?
10:00 How to communicate from a JSP or html file with the backend web application?


AJAX Tutorial w/ Eclipse, Tomcat, and Java Servlet Technologies

  • http://www.zaneacademy.com
  • 00:00 What is a simple AJAX with Servlet web application tutorial?
  • 03:30 What does the term AJAX refer to?
  • 04:00 What does the term asynchronous means?
  • 04:30 What component is used by an AJAX enabled web application?
  • 05:05 What is the main advantage of an AJAX enabled web application?
  • 06:30 What is the difference between AJAX on Internet Explorer and AJAX on other browsers?
  • 10:00 What does the doPost method in a servlet do?
  • 10:35 How is XML passed from the server to the browser in an AJAX enabled web application?
  • 11:00 How are HttpServletRequest parameters retrieved on the server side?
  • 12:33 How are HttpServletRequest parameters passed from the client side?
  • 14:20 What parameters are passed in the XMLHttpRequest open method?
  • 15:15 What does the XMLHttpRequest onreadystatechange method do?
  • 15:50 How can a check be performed to see if the XMLHttpRequest was loaded?

dwr ajax framework [1/2]

  • http://www.zaneacademy.com
  • 0:00 Where to download the dwr AJAX framework from?
  • 1:28 Where to download Apache Commons Logging zip from?
  • 2:02 How to create a web application in Eclipse and run on a tomcat web server?
  • 3:40 How to enable the dwr framework ajax functionality in a web app?
  • 5:10 What file does dwr use to communicate between JAVA (the backend) & JavaScript (the frontend)?