genetic algorithms · scala

Genetic Algorithms w/ Scala – Tutorial 01

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Genetic Algorithms w/ Java – Tutorial 01 @
Genetic Algorithms w/ Python – Tutorial 01 @

genetic algorithms · Python · sqlite · time scheduling

Class Scheduling w/ Genetic Algorithm + SQLite DB + Python

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genetic algorithms · Python · time scheduling

Class Scheduling (Genetic Algorithms w/ Python Tutorial 02)

00:07 demo the application
01:40 list of potential conflicts for this simple class scheduling application
04:56 code the application
05:10 various classes that make up the application
06:47 application Class class
07:30 coding the Course class
08:10 coding the Department class
08:32 coding the Instructor class
08:57 coding the MeetingTime class
09:20 coding the Room class
09:43 coding the Class class
10:45 coding the Data class
11:54 coding the Schedule class
14:21 calculating the schedule fitness
16:43 coding the Population class
17:24 DisplayMgr class code
18:18 test run generation # 0
20:54 coding the GeneticAlgorithm class
22:16 evolve the population
22:05 coding population crossover
22:15 handing elitism
24:22 coding population mutation
24:50 perform crossover on 2 schedules
25:15 perform mutation on a schedule
25:57 perform tournament selection
26:35 evolve the population from one generation to the next until we find a schedule with no conflicts
27:04 test run the finished application
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conditional probability · JAVA · Probability

Intro to Probability w/ JAVA (tutorial 02) – Independence & Conditional Independence

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00:00 demo the application
00:20 info about the various cards in a standard deck of 52 cards
02:00 check if Rank=ace event is independent from Color=red event
03:30 check if Rank=10 event is independent from Type=face event
04:19 check if Rank=king event is independent from Suit=spade event, given that Color=black event has occurred
05:50 what are independent and conditionally independent events
06:00 when are 2 events independent
07:00 when are 2 events conditionally independent given a third event
08:08 how to generalize event independence check to more than 2 events
09:30 can independent events be disjoint?
09:35 does conditional independence imply independence and vice versa
19:15 test run the application
19:30 check if Rank=king event is independent from Type=number event
20:50 check if Rank=king event is independent from Suit=heart event, given that Type=face event has occurred